Kielce is a great place for cycling fans, both those who prefer the off road ups and downs of forest paths, and those who would rather take bike paths and roads. It is worth noting that whole families may safely explore the whole area on bike. The longest bike trail in Poland (Eastern Bike Trail “Green Velo”) runs through the city. Also, Kielce network of bike paths is getting bigger and bigger. For those who want to check whether they have the right skills for mountain biking there is a 16-kilometre marked trail (blue) in the district of the Stadion (over Posłowickie Ridge), whose loop begins at the end of the bike path at the junction of Marmurowa Street and Legionów Avenue. For skilled and experienced cyclists who practice mountain biking, there are three labeled trails in the Posłowicko-Dymińskie Ridge. Two of them (red and blue) start by the ski slope on Mt. Pierścienica, and the third one by the ski slope on Mt. Telegraf. Be careful as they may be difficult as evidenced by their usage for professional mountain biking events. For an easy trip to the areas south and west of the town of Kielce, there are four red trails are marked. Two of them start at the bike paths that go along Łódzka Street (intersection with Hubalczyków Street), and the remaining ones at the bike path goes along Tarnowska Street (intersection with Wojska Polskiego Street) and at the foot of Karczówka Hill (at the intersection of Karczówkowska and Jagiellońska Streets). Along the latter, the passage of the “Green Velo” trail is marked. It provides a connection with the main route – which leads through the south areas of the city – from the main railway station. The passage begins at the west side of the station and ends at Krakowska Street. 


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