Walking trails

The city has approximately 70 kilometers of marked walking trails. Two of them – marked with green and blue colors, begin at Artystów Square by the Tourist Information Centre (Sienkiewicza Street 29), and another – yellow one runs a loop, mainly across green areas on the outskirts of Kielce. Walking trails in Kielce were marked as part of an initiative of the municipality with square signs each divided into a white triangle and another of the corresponding colors: green, blue, or yellow. Whenever the trail is turning, additional white triangles are added in the direction in which you need to walk. Depending on the color of the triangle we will call the trails green, blue or yellow.

Green and blue trails start in the Artystów Square beside the Regional Tourist Information Centre. It is located in the ground floor of the building on Sienkiewicza Street 29.

A yellow trail forms a loop leading to the outskirts of Kielce. In this guide we adopt
the convention that the yellow trail begins in the district Kielce-Bukówka at the final stop of the town bus. The purpose of the trails is to facilitate hikers climbing relatively short distances in an interesting touring environment. You may easily transport to individual sections of the trails by public transportation (www.ztm.kielce.pl/en/). Therefore, a long walking yellow trail can be divided into several sections.

Enjoy your tour!






Walking trail – Green


0.0 km Artystów Square, Regional Tourist Information Centre at Sienkiewicza Street 29

0.2 km City Park

0.7 km Szarych Szeregów (“Grey Lines”) Square, Walk of Fame, monument

1.6 km Mount Kadzielnia, viewpoint

1.9 km Stadium Arena Kielce

2.2 km Ściegiennego Street, entrances to cemeteries

2.3 km Zgody Street, access to Museum of Geology

2.6 km Skalista Street, access to documentation site

3.4 km Tarnowska Street

3.6 km reserve in Wietrznia

4.7 km Center of Geo-Education

6.5 km Domki Street, connect with walking trail Yellow

7.7 km Kielce-Bukówka, final stop of municipal bus






Sightseeing highlights


The green trail connects two nature reserves, a natural documentation site and leads through the Kielce Landscape Protection Area.

·       Artystów Square, the spring of Biruta and City Park are all described in the section
of Route 1 – Kielce Old Town. Szarych Szeregów Square, Stadium Arena Kielce and the complex of cemeteries – description in the section of the urban trail. Reserves
at Kadzielnia and Wietrznia – described in the section of Precious natural objects.

·       Statue of Virgin Mary and the memorial plaque at Krakowska Street. This plaque commemorates the report filed by scouts of Kielce on the 12th August, 1914 to the commander J. Piłsudski, who headed the First Cadre Company of volunteers marching down from Kraków.

·       The documentation site of non-living nature on Mount Słoneczna The park is protected by Mount Słoneczna which is between the streets Skalista and Zakopiańska.
The culmination of 310 meters above sea level has made steep rocks undercut by the excavation of an old quarry, mainly limestone of Late Devonian – Frasnian epoch.
The northern and western slopes, known as “Dog-hills”, are made of marly limestone and shales of the Famennian epoch, containing numerous fossils of cephalopods. These sediments show a transitional type between shallow and deeper sea facies
(set of features that allow you to distinguish between the rocks formed at the same time, but in different environments). From the top of the mountain you can admire scenic views.



Walking trail – Blue


0.0 km Artystów Square, Regional Tourist Information Centre at Sienkiewicza Street 29

0.2 km City Park

0.7 km Szarych Szeregów (“Grey Lines”) Square, Walk of Fame, monument

1.9 km Mount Kadzielnia, monument

2.8 km athletic stadium, Legions’ Sports Hall (Boczna Street)

3.3 km Szczepaniaka Street, forest park

4.4 km Kusocińskiego Street, skiing slope, connection with walking trail Yellow


Sightseeing highlights


The blue trail leads from the city center towards the “green lungs” of Kielce, where
it connects with the loop of the yellow walking route. For a description of the sightseeing attractions in the section between Artists Square and Kadzielnia reserve please see the green trail.

·       Athletic Stadium and Legions’ Sports Hall

These are some of the numerous sports facilities in Kielce. The Hall (4000 seats) hosts games of top league teams in popular sports: the handball club PGE VIVE Kielce

·       Forest Park Stadium (Stadion Leśny)

The grounds allow a variety of recreational activities: a ropes course, sport fields,
a playground for children, an outdoor “fitness club”, shelter facilities for tourists and barbecues. In winter there are cross-country skiing routes, which use part of the old hippodrome from the interwar period.

·       Ski slope on Mount Pierścienica

In recent years this has become a center for winter sports (ski lifts, ice rink, toboggan run and lift belts for children), whose facilities (restaurant, hotel) serve tourists all year round (http://www.hotel-365.pl/atrakcje/).



Walking trail – Yellow


Since the whole trail is very long, you should divide it into smaller sections. You may easily commute from the starting and end points of each section.


Section 1 Bukówka – Na Stadion Avenue 5.8 km

Section 2 Na Stadion Avenue – Słowik 7.0 km

Section 3 Słowik – Dobromyśl 6.0 km

Section 4 Dobromyśl – reserve of Ślichowice 8.6 km

Section 5 reserve of Ślichowice – Gruchawka 5.8 km

Section 6 Gruchawka – Dąbrowa 6.5 km

Section 7 Dąbrowa – Morcinka Street 10.8 km

Section 8 Morcinka Street – Bukówka 4.3 km


Walking trail Yellow. Section 1


0.0 km Bukówka (bus lines 1, 16, 25, 33, 34, 104, 108, 112)

1.4 km ski slope

4.2 km horse-back riding centre at Ściegiennego Street (bus lines 2, 29, 30, 45)

5.8 km Na Stadion Avenue (bus lines 4, 103)


Sightseeing highlights


The trail runs through the forest areas of Posłowicko-Dymińskie Ridge. Next to the ski slope it may be extended for a hike along the blue walking trail (towards the city center).

·       The cemetery of Soviet soldiers (walk about 200 meters along the blue trail).
The prisoners-of-war were murdered or died of starvation in the work camps established by the Germans in Kielce. In the years 1941 to 1944 about 12 thousand people were killed here.

·       Ski slope in Mount Telegraf (http://www.telegrafkielce.pl/)

Here runs the only chairlift in Świętokrzyskie (Holy Cross) Mountains. In summer
it serves also hikers. From the downhill clearing there are stunning views of Kielce and of the central ridge of Świętokrzyskie (Holy Cross) Mountains.

·       Documentation site of non-living nature

From the trail we are guided by a beacon to the site, which is ca. 200 meters away. Outcrops of rocks from the Ordovician period are protected in a former quarry. Below them are rest shelters.

·       Recreation and Hippotherapy Centre of MAAG (www.maagkielce.pl)

You may enjoy horse-back riding (also advanced off-road rides) and enjoy a rest at a food corner.


Walking trail Yellow. Section 2


0.0 km Na Stadion Avenue (bus lines 4, 103)

0.5 km ski slope, connect with walking trail Blue

3.9 km reserve in Biesak-Białogon

6.9 km Słowik railway station

7.0 km Słowik, Krakowska Street (bus lines 19, 27, 31)


Sightseeing highlights


The trail leads through beautiful forest areas of the Chęciny-Kielce Landscape Park, crossing numerous hills. It is a typical low mountain hike.

·       Ski slope on Mount Pierścienica (www.hotel-365.pl/atrakcje)– see description of the Blue trail

·       Martyrology sites

On the southern slopes of Mount Pierścienica, Germans shot Polish citizens in the years 1940 to 1944. A monument was erected in the place of the first execution on the 12th June, 1940 during the so-called AB action, which was aimed at the extermination of the Polish intelligentsia class.

·       The Reserve in Biesak-Białogon – see route description in the section of Non-living nature reserves (www.um.kielce.pl/en/tourism/nature_reserves/)

·       The Bobrza River gorge in Słowik

In the Świętokrzyskie (Holy Cross) Mountains, rivers sometimesdo not flow according to the layout of the mountain ridges (usually latitudinal), but change their course towards the northern or southern direction, thus “breaking” into the ridges. Mostly they create natural boundaries between ridges. Here the gorge separates the range of the Zgórskie Mountains from Posłowickie Ridge. The gorge was used to create communication lines: a road (1835) from Kraków to Warsaw, and a railway (1885) from Dęblin to Dąbrowa Górnicza (now serving also the line from Warsaw to Kraków). By this road the troops of Józef Piłsudski’s First Cadre Company marched into Kielce on the 12th August, 1914 under the command of Kazimierz Piątek, alias “Herwin”, thus the bridge on our trail bears his name. Perhaps the local name of Słowik (Polish name of a nightingale) refers to Jan Słowik, who built ironworks over the Bobrza River at the turn of the sixteenth century. Overtime the settlement has become a popular summer resort for the inhabitants of Kielce. Today there is a complex of sports facilities known as the “Stella” club (including archery tracks, sports hall, and a hotel).



Walking trail Yellow. Section 3


0.0 km Słowik, (bus lines 19, 27, 31)

1.4 km Garbarska Street, connect with Red trail Chęciny – Karczówka

2.6 km Łopuszańska Street (bus lines 26, 28)

6.0 km Dobromyśl (bus line 1)


Sightseeing highlights


The trail leads through beautiful scenic areas of the Chęciny- Kielce Landscape Park
and the Kielce Protected Landscape Area.

·       Natural Monument – on Machałowej Street

A sessile oak grows on the south side of the road at a distance of about 30 meters (walk along the fields’ border). Trunk circumference – 367 cm, age – about 130 years.

·       Natural Monument – on Machałowej Street (by the railway bridge)

A sessile oak with a trunk circumference of 342 cm, and age of about 140 years.

·       Natural Monument – on Machałowej Street

A sessile oak with trunk circumference of 327 cm, age of about 140 years grows
at about 100 meters from the trail. Walk through the wasteland over the hill to the west.

·       Natural Monument – on Dobromyśl Street 44

A protected group of trees (21 Sessile oaks, 3 Small-leavedLime trees, 2 Norway maple trees, and one European ash) with trunk circumferences of 189–348 cm, ageing between 70–90 years. The trees grow in a fenced area by the Youth Education Centre – entrance is located about 300 meters south of the trail.


Walking trail Yellow. Section 4


0.0 km Dobromyśl (bus line 1)

2.7 km Pietraszki Street (bus line 6)

6.2 km Bernardyńska Street, disconnect with the Red trail leading to Karczówka Hill

8.2 km Piekoszowska Street (bus lines 18, 24, 114)

9.0 km reserve in Ślichowice, from here walk an unmarked trail ca. 500 meters to the  west towards Massalskiego Street (bus lines 8, 11, 15, 23, 42, 45, 46, 47, 102, 105)


Sightseeing highlights


The trail leads mostly through forest areas of the Chęciny-Kielce Landscape Park and the Kielce Protected Landscape Area.

·       River Bobrza

Flowing out from the master hydrographic node of the Świętokrzyskie (Holy Cross) Mountains (near Zagnańsk) Bobrza was one of the most “hard-working” rivers in the Old-Polish Industrial Zone. Its waters moved devices of ironworks, blast furnaces, mills, and sawmills. Please note that during the spring thaw and after heavy rains passing across the valley of Bobrza River may not be possible.

·       Mount Jankowa

Ores of lead (galena – lead sulfide) and barite were mined here and on the adjacent Mount Machnowska you can see to this day cavities from the operations. In June the mountainside is covered with a carpet of purple tint flowers.

·       Chapel – at Młyńska Street

At the junction with the road leading to the mill there is an interesting chapel with
a statue of St. John of Nepomuk.

·       Grabinów Street

A monument commemorating the victims of the plane crash at Smoleńsk in 2010;
also the nature and landscape complex of Dalnia-Grabina.


Walking trail Yellow. Section 5


0.0 km final bus stop at Massalskiego Street (lines 8, 11, 15, 23, 42, 45, 46, 47, 102, 105). From here walk an unmarked trail ca. 500 meters to the east towards the reserve in Ślichowice

1.1 km bridge over railway

2.8 km intersection of streets Batalionów Chłopskich and 1 Maja (ca. 50 m away there are bus stops of lines 17, 32, 36, 37, 40, 110, 112)

5.8 km Gruchawka (bus line 17)


Sightseeing highlights


Initially the trail leads through monotonous urban areas, then starting from Hubalczyków Street through the Kielce Landscape Protection Area with great views to the south-west on the ridges of Świętokrzyskie Mountains and forested Mount Buk.

·       Ślichowice reserve – description can be seen in the section of Non-living nature reserves (www.um.kielce.pl/en/tourism/nature_reserves/)

·       Education paths – Hubalczyków Street

Paths are located by the premises of the Kielce Forestry and of the Directorate of the Holy Cross and Nida River Landscape Parks. Access on weekdays during business hours.

·       Natural monument – Gruchawka Street 3

Protected here is a Sessile oak with a trunk circumference of 559 cm, at the age
of about 150 years. Access only by permission of the premise’s owner.


Walking trail Yellow. Section 6


0.0 km Gruchawka (bus line 17)

0.4 km reserve Sufraganiec

3.1 km road Kielce – Zagnańsk

4.8 km Settlement Dąbrowa

6.5 km Dąbrowa, intersection of road 73 and Barczańska Street (bus line 7)


Sightseeing highlights


Trail runs almost entirely through wooded areas, some of them wetlands.

·       Reserve Sufraganiec

A forest reserve with an area of 45 acres was established in 1961 to protect mixed forest of natural character. Trees are mostly fir with inserts of oak, pine, maple, sycamore, hornbeam and beech with some reaching the age of 200 years. The Sufragańczyk stream flows deep across the reserve, creating a picturesque valley. More detailed knowledge of the protected area will be facilitated by the educational path marked with red labels and information boards. Tourists may relax here under a covered shed (www.um.kielce.pl/en/tourism/nature_reserves/).


Walking trail Yellow. Section 7


0.0 km Dąbrowa, intersection of road 73 and Barczańska Street (bus line 7)

1.2 km Dąbrowa hotel

2.8 km Masłów (bus line 12 ca. 50 meters away)

4.8 km Mount Świnia

6.0 km garden lots

9.1 km Domaszowice (bus line 38)

10.8 km Morcinka Street (bus line 53)


Sightseeing highlights


The trail leads over scenic beautiful hills, partly in the Kielce Landscape Protection Area. From the route you may admire almost all the southern central range of Świętokrzyskie (Holy Cross) Mountains and most of the main ridge with the highest peak being Łysica (612 m above sea level).

·       Chapel in Domaszowice

It was built in the nineteenth century. Domaszowice is the birthplace of writer Walery Przyborowski, known mainly from history books written for young people.


Walking trail Yellow. Section 8


0.0 km final bus stop at Morcinka Street (line 53)

0.3 km Sandomierska Street (bus lines 14, 38, 43, 47, 106)

2.1 km Zagórska Street (bus line 8)

3.1 km connect with walking trail Green

4.3 km Bukówka final bus stop (lines 1, 16, 25, 33, 34, 104, 108, 112)


Sightseeing highlights


The trail leads through modern urban areas of the former villages that were included in the municipality of Kielce. In the last section you may admire picturesque, extensive views.

·       Chapel in Zagórze

It was built of wood in 1865 and extended in 1982 (extension of the main nave). Inside there is the late Baroque altar and a plaque dedicated to the “Cursed Soldiers”,
who fought under the auspices of the National Armed Forces. This organization had been erased from history by the communist regime, and only in recent years was the memory of its soldiers restored.

Kielce City Hall, Rynek 1, 25-303 Kielce
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